Hands down the most effective way to control moisture under your home is with a dehumidifier. We will evaluate the size and condition of your crawl space and take into account factors such as the vapor barrier, amount of moisture and any other conditions under your home to make the best recommendation on what size of dehumidifier you will need to effectively control moisture.

Once installed and adjusted your crawl space dehumidifier automatically keeps the humidity levels at the desired range. Generally the ideal level is between 50-60% in order to effectively stop mold and prevent dry-rot.

How Dehumidifiers Work:

Your crawl space dehumidifier works with a quiet fan that by pulls warm,  moist air across refrigerant cooled coils, these coils lower the temperature and cause the moisture to condense. The extracted water is then gravity drained or if necessary pumped out by a condensate pump through the drain line to the exterior of your home. The fan then pushes the dry air out to circulate through your crawl space. This process repeats until the sensor indicates that you have reached the desired humidity level and the unit automatically turns off.

Worry Free:

Your crawl space dehumidifier should be professionally installed and plugged into a dedicated electrical outlet in your crawl space. We will attach a drain pipe and condensate pump if needed to plumb the extracted moisture safely outside of you home, there is no bucket to empty and the compressor will automatically turn on and off based on the level of dryness desired.

Low Maintenance:

Once installed your dehumidifier require little maintenance except for changing the air filter and cleaning the drain line. It will automatically restart after a power outage and the drain line does not require emptying or adjusting. Triangle Crawl Space Solutions offers an Annual Maintenance Program and Dehumidifier Monitoring for additional peace of mind.

Dehumidifier Benefits:

  • Control Moisture

  • Prevent Mold from Growing

  • Protect the structure from Dry-Rot

  • Less Moldy Smells / Better air quality

  • Reduce strain on HVAC system

  • Keep floors from buckling or warping

  • Reduce habitat for pest and animals

  • Better performance from dry insulation

  • Quiet & Efficient


Santa Fe Dehumidifiers

We are a certified Santa Fe Installer, Santa Fe dehumidifiers are specifically designed for crawl space environments and come in several sizes for different crawl space applications. They are energy star certified, made in the USA and carry a six year warranty.

FAQ and Common Questions: Dehumidifiers: